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Rice Polisher

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Product Name :
Rice Polisher

Our Steel Cylinder Rice polisher are very popular among the customers' with its superior quality.

Features :

MODEL: YS-300.120.70
Steel Cylinder
Rice Polisher

1. TAKAYAMA 20 HP Type Steel Cylinder Rice Polisher Model YS-300 offers 50% higher milling capacity than any conventional 15 HP Type Rice Polishers.
2. TAKAYAMA is equipped with HEXAGONAL Type Polishing Chamber and recommended for Multi-Pass (two or more units in series) Milling Purpose.
4. Durability of consumptive parts is greatly high. The perforated metal polishing screen is given a special heat treatment. The steel cylinder and screw conveyor are made of extrahard steel.
5. Its enormous capacity in small contruction saves space and makes possible the additional installation of this polisher to any existing rice mills.

TAKAYAMA STEEL CYLINDER RICE POLISHER has been designed and completed by well experienced engineers and workmen in order to meet any variety of rice in the world. TAKAYAMA Steel Cylinder Rice Polisher is so specially designed that brown rice is polished by its mutual friction among grains in polishing chamber to perform the even polishing effect. One of the most remarkable adantages of TAKAYAMA Steel Cylinder Rice Polisher is its compactness in size occupying small space for installation and yet it gives high polishing effeciency as well as large capacity. Furthermore, the operation of the machine is not complicated at all. It is very important that this TAKAYAMA Steel Cylinder Rice Polisher should be so operated as not to give excessive pressure on the rice during polishing process in order to decrease rice breakage to a minimum and increase milling yield to a maximum.

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