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HighPoly Polisher DRPF

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HighPoly Polisher DRPF.
The B¨¹hler HighPoly polisher DRPF processes Rice Husker in two stages: dry and wet on one shaft. The length of dry and wet zones can be interchanged inside the polishing chamber by a nylon plug. Two separate zones provide an advanced control on different level of final rice finish from matt finish to high silky finish. Water addition is through shaft ensuring water is added uniformly throughout the wet zone of polishing chamber. The HighPoly is used for the final stages of rice processing, to produce rice with a shiny, smooth and dust-free finish. The rice grains are gently polished by friction in a special humidified atmosphere which is controlled by an accurate water dosing system. The HighPoly polisher DRPF is mainly applied in the rice milling industry and can be used for any variety of rice.Uniform and excellent white rice appearance.
The output rice from the polisher has a uniform and excellent white rice appearance and an attractive surface finish from matt to high silky, resulting in premium quality rice without loose bran or dust.
 Outstanding efficiency through high output rate and minimum breakage.
The spring load outlet of the polisher exactly controls the residence time of kernels inside the milling chamber, enabling a high output rate with minimum breakage at a high throughput capacity. Proximity Sensor at the inlet of machine ensures machine won¡¯t start in absence of product.

Easy to operate, high service standards.
The compact control unit provides easy access to all control elements, e.g. the rotors. The ergonomic controls located on the front side, the simple setting and checking of polishing pressure, the easy setting of the start/stop point of the water dosing system and good readable dials allow for user-friendly operation.

Aspirator enables top sanitation.
The aspirator cleans the system during the process and keeps the production and the work place sanitized.

Domestic rice milling machinery manufacturing problems

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